School Closing Info

School Closing Information for the Y.A.L.E. School NJ Community

The following are various ways in which you can learn whether schools will be closed or if there will be a delayed opening:

Y.A.L.E. School Home Page:

Go to: – updates will be posted shortly after a decision is made.

Text Alert

Receive a text alert about school closings, delays and other important school information by subscribing to the Y.A.L.E. School Emergency Messaging System here.

To receive alerts about school closings, Click Here.

Media Outlets

Refer to your child’s Y.A.L.E. School calendar for media outlets that broadcast your child’s school closing information. Calendars are found in the Student Parent handbook.

Delayed Opening

Should a delayed opening be announced due to a clearing weather event or other conditions, a text alert will be sent and information posted on the website. Delayed opening times are listed on each Y.A.L.E. School calendar. Follow the times for your child’s campus.

Early Dismissal

Should an unscheduled early dismissal be necessary due to weather conditions or other emergency, a text alert will be distributed; parents will also be contacted by school personnel. If a parent cannot be reached, a voicemail or email will confirm that an unexpected early dismissal is necessary.

Early dismissal times are also included on all Y.A.L.E. School calendars and will be followed except in an extreme emergency.