Testimonials about Y.A.L.E. School

Below you will find a collection of testimonials from parents about their families’ experiences at Y.A.L.E. School.

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What professionals say about Y.A.L.E. School

I have been consistently impressed with Y.A.L.E.’s adolescent and transition programs. While maintaining a solid commitment to evidence-based intervention, they regularly “push the envelope” to apply best practices in the community, the typical school environment and the workplace.

—Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D.

What parents of students in our Autism Programs say about Y.A.L.E. School.

My son is in his 5th year at The Y.A.L.E. School, and I know he wouldn’t be the person he is today without the help of their committed and caring staff. They go above and beyond with the teaching of citizenship, social skills, self-esteem, academics and transition skills. Thank you, Y.A.L.E.!

—Dawn A.

The team at Y.A.L.E. treats us as the expert on our child and their journey. I was impressed with how the program beautifully combined ABA-based practices, social thinking and a positive behavioral approach throughout [my son’s] IEP plan. The team at Y.A.L.E. tackled [my son’s] OCD and ADHD first so that he could focus and regulate his emotions enough to be successful in his academics. Even when he falters, Y.A.L.E. finds a way to propel him forward.

– Tracey G.

At Y.A.L.E., they hear you. Each student is an individual to them. They don’t treat them all the same. And Y.A.L.E. Admissions will provide you with resources to help you figure out the best solution for your family.

– Denise B.

At [my son’s] former school, he was barely passing reading. As a preschool teacher for many years, it was crushing to me to see him struggle to read at his age. But the difference in his reading skills from just one year at Y.A.L.E. was exponential. They are a godsend.

– Diana K.

I believe the staff at Y.A.L.E. really care about the interests and safety of your child, all while providing the best learning environment for every student and their individual needs. Don’t waste your time touring other schools – just call Y.A.L.E.

– Kristen V.

This is not just some school you drop your child off to each day. When I leave my son, I have a sense of comfort, knowing that he is being well taken care of and genuinely cared for. It’s like dropping him off to family. I never thought a school like this existed, where everything and everyone is fully equipped and trained properly to handle the needs of our children on the spectrum.

– Kristine R.

Y.A.L.E. School Philadelphia is one of the best educational schools that caters to your child’s specific needs. They saved my son from a dark road. He has overcome so many obstacles thanks to Y.A.L.E. They make sure that your child succeeds in everything that they do.

– Sophia B.